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Bishop James Moynihan and his assistant Rev. Joseph Zareski, visited Mother of Joy House of Prayer on Tuesday, June 3, 1997 and the bishop imparted his blessing on the Prayer House and members of Syracuse La Pieta Prayer Group, whose foundress of La Pieta International Prayer Group is visionary, mystic Emma de Guzman. On August 5, 1997 the North Shore Knights of Columbus, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sakonyi of Constantia, donated a beautiful chain-saw sculpture memorial to the unborn which was created by John Dempsey of Rochester, New York. Rev, Peter W. Gleba blest and dedicated the statue on August 17, 1997, following Holy Mass. A dedication song entitled God Gave Me You was composed especially for the event and sung by Maria Theresa Iannolo of Syracuse, N.Y.
About the Mother of Joy House of Prayer
In the spring of 1995, Pasquale "Pat" Galtieri began remodeling a small home in Constantia, New York for the purpose of selling it. However, believing that the property had another purpose, Pat and his wife, Beverly, approached Ken Hamlin, to help erect outside Stations of the Cross on the property.  Soon afterward, Pat and other volunteers began to turn the little home into a House of Prayer. 

     On November 4, 1995, Pat, Bev and Joe Robichaud visited Emma and Sol in Canada and received five roses which they witnessed Emma gather as they emerged from the center of her chest. Three of the roses are preserved at the home of Pat and Bev.

        Rev. Peter W. Gleba offered an Enthronement Mass to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on October 28, 1995. 

        Priests, nuns and lay people from all walks of life have visited the Prayer House since 1995 and more are beginning to arrive from different parts of the country. Deacon John Murray blest the outside grounds in 1995; Father William Esposito, pastor of St. Bernadette's, Constantia, New York and St. Mary's in Cleveland, New York, blest all the rooms in the Prayer House and Rev, Peter W. Gleba, Pastor of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, blest the grotto which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.     

Father Tadeusz Rudnick offered a beautiful Latin Mass on June 29, 1996. Father John Fetcho offered Holy Mass on October 19, 1996 and received the gift of a personal message from Our Mother of Joy through Emma. Other priests who have offered Holy Mass at the House of Prayer are Monsignor Albert J. M. Shamon, Rev. John Broderick, Rev. Victor E. Clemen and others.

      On December 21, 1996, while on a mission to the Philippines, Emma and Sol, along with the Toronto and New Jersey Prayer Groups, met Cardinal Jaime Sin (with the help of Fr. Victor Emmanuel Clemen) and received the Cardinal's blessing and encouragement.

     In April, 1997, one of the most beautiful miracles took place with Emma and was recorded by Sol Gaviola as follows:
On Saturday, April 26, 1997, we attended Mass at the Basilica Sacred Heart. We sat in the second pew from the front. When Emma received the host, she consumed the host without swallowing. We witnessed this at approximately 5:45 P.M.

After the Mass, another host, fresh and crisp, appeared on Emma's tongue and we captured it on video and photographs. (Witnessed by Beverly and Pat Galtieri, Sol Gaviola, Joe Robichaud, Mildred M., Edith O. and Percy D.)

The following day at Mother of Joy House of Prayer in Constantia, New York, at 11:50 A.M., Emma received the Apparition of the Light of Jesus, which went into Emma's hands for healing.

[Note by B.G. - During this miracle a very strong perfume fragrance came from Emma's hands and when others touched Emma, the fragrance remained on their hands all day. This phenomenon took place in the little chapel in the Prayer House.]

At 2:30 P.M. the miracle of the bleeding host appeared on Emma's tongue, which was witnessed by those present inside the Prayer House. After a minute or two, Emma consumed the host and opened her mouth again to show us if the host had been consumed and I said, Yes, because it is gone. A minute later another bleeding host appeared on Emma's tongue, and this time she cried so hard because she didn't understand why it was happening, but all she felt at that time was love.


About Emma De Guzman

Emma de Guzman and Sol Gaviola founded the La Pieta Prayer Group in Kingston, Ontario with the help of Lisa Eltanal in December of 1991. 
     Emma is endorsed by at least two bishops, including Bishop Francisco Garmendai of South Bronx, New York, and Bishop Danylak of Canada.  Many priests and seminarians have visited her home and witnessed miracles while in her presence (including the appearance of miraculous hosts from the angel of the Eucharist)
Emma's multiple supernatural gifts, which have been manifested to thousands of people, include healing, bilocation, levitation, reading of hearts and souls, communion without deglutition (which is the process of using the throat muscles to swallow); and the appearance of bleeding hosts on her tongue--one after another. She also receives pure white hosts miraculously. Emma has also been given the gift of prophecy and the odor of sanctity. (To date she has received five beautiful perfumed fragrances.) People have witnessed roses emerge from the center of her chest and rose petals and roses fall around her. On many occasions witnesses have seen fragrant oil appear on her face, hands, feet and even ooze from her eyes. Statues of Jesus, Mary and other saints have oiled and bled while she was present. On multiple occasions Emma's body has been covered with multi-colored glitter. All of the above happenings have been witnessed by many, many people, including priests, nuns and lay people from various walks of life.

About the Syracuse, NY La Pieta Prayer Group

During the winter of 1993, Beverly Galtieri spoke with visionary/mystic, Emma de Guzman and Sol Gaviola regarding the miracle of the oiling statues at their Kingston, Ontario residence.
     On January 1, 1994, Pat and Bev, along with their good friend, Joe Robichaud, were privileged to meet Emma and Sol at their residence; at that time they picked up their statue of the Infant of Prague which had begun exuding oil there on December 28, 1993, the Feast of the Holy Innocents. The statue continued to oil for another week and to this day the fragrance of oil remains on the statue.
     Pat and Bev were so deeply inspired by Emma and Sol's ministry that, with the help of the Toronto Prayer Group, they organized the third La Pieta Prayer Group in September of 1994, which is based in Syracuse (Liverpool), New York. Other La Pieta Prayer Groups include: Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, Cardinal, Calgary, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California. Prayer groups continue to emerge in other countries, including the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, France, etc.
     In December of 1997 Emma and members of various La Pieta Prayer Groups (including Canada, Syracuse, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.), visited the Philippines on a mission of love and prayer. Emma's prayer groups brought food, clothes and religious items to those in need and visited different cities and Emma prayed over thousands of people. The group was especially honored to meet with Cardinal Jaime Sin for almost and hour. 


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